Jiasheng always as a global pioneer in the field of auto steering and suspension parts, we are committed to providing high-quality automotive chassis parts to cars all over the world. Jiasheng products include Control Arm, Ball Joint, Stabilizer Link, Tie Rod End, Rack End ,Stabilizer Link,Control Arm Bushing,Engine & Transmission Mount After years of continuous development, the company has begun to take shape, relying on superb technology and strict quality control, the company continues to provide high-quality products, and has won unanimous recognition and praise from customers . And it has established good cooperative relations with customers in America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Jiasheng products are mainly concentrated in Japanese cars, American cars, German cars, French cars, Korean cars, Chinese cars, applied passenger cars. Currently, it can supply 8000+ products. Its advantage lies in flexibility and speed. Excellent service, shorter delivery time, advanced design, high-quality materials, skilled production technology, complete after-sales service and support. Strict quality control and competitively priced product lines are the main reasons for Jiasheng's partners to maintain long-term reliability and success. 



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We will never be satisfied with quality, choose Jiasheng to choose quality

  • High-quality
  • Precise delivery
  • Efficient service
  • Diversified products
  • Competitive price
  • New products

In order to achieve sustainable development and maintain an advantage in a highly competitive industry, quality, cost, lead time, product type and service are the five basic aspects of Jiasheng. In order to meet the expectations and requirements of these five areas, Jiasheng employees use their wisdom to improve and optimize all processes and formulate advanced management strategies. Therefore, Jiasheng can continue to provide high-quality and efficient supply chain services and become an industry leader


We say: “ Rather controlling, we produce quality…”

Jiasheng is very lean company for understanding of Jiasheng policies and our Continuous Improvement Activities are focus on decreasing the production costs and increasing productivity ,and profit while improving product quality.


We are:

  • •   Giving the latest technologists service with high technology equipment

  • •   Identifying and meeting all legal and other requirements binding for our company

  • •   Developing our self with the most innovative team and high skilled employees

  • •   100 % controlling during the all stations of production lines until shipments